Though I’m not having the best April to date, I am being constantly reminded of the amazing blessings of people that are in my life. And that people really are so genuinely wonderful.

A great friend of mine made the following after reading my last blog post. Because of my fragile state of my emotions these days, I immediately burst into tears. I hope this resonates with your heart as it did mine.

So, thank you to all the friends that have called, hung out, insisted on a visit, and reached out to me this month. We’re going to make it through this together.

with love,

from Jess’ kitchen



This is a blog that I love.

In recent weeks, I’ve read articles on the interwebs about the death of food writing and how you shouldn’t try and start a food writing career and blah blah blah and I’ve decided I just don’t care. I don’t care if I’m in ‘the know’ or out of ‘the know’ or who I’m trying to be known by. For one second (and maybe forever), I’d like to be me. And, honestly, right now ‘being me’ doesn’t feel like I’m going to be a food writer, but food is something I love.  And coming to a place where I feel okay with great about me and the food I love is really important because most of my life can be related back to it.

So here I am.

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