quote of the day

I’m often inspired by the various sources of literature (be it blogs, books, editorials, or just musings) on food these days. I saw this yesterday from Gluten-Free Girl and the Chef and it spoke immediately to me heart:

Italy feels like a home to us. We met at least 3 Americans on this trip who have moved to Italy. Each one of them said the same thing: I wanted to stop feeling like a freak for caring about great food. Here, everyone loves food. There’s no divide in Italy. There are no foodies. Everyone, everyone loves food. There is no guilt, no withholding, no sense that certain foods are forbidden. There is simply everyday feasting, long lunches with family, produce in season, great ingredients, dinners that stretch far into the evening, and great conversations around the table.


That’s my wish for the world

With love,

from Jess’ kitchen