I’m here.

Something about the fall season beckons me back to writing. Perhaps it’s the shortening of days or the chill in the air or the need to simply rest for a bit, but I feel introspective and contemplative and compelled to put my thoughts into words. I took the summer and the fall to soak up every last drop of the sunshine, but here I am once again – back at this blog.

For those of you who don’t know me personally (or hadn’t heard), I recently moved into an airstream.

Yes, an airstream. All 31 feet of her. And she resides on a llama farm with a to-die-for view.

Perhaps this is the unavoidable fate of my simple living quest back in April or my willingness to participate in the dreams and desires of my husband (and I’m a person who believes that dreams must be fulfilled). Either way, this is where we are – being challenged to live simply, to see our capabilities stretched as people, and see how living this way changes our perspective on life.

This airstream has been teaching me much about life and I will definitely be incorporating that into my blog posts here. The biggest change (food-wise) has been the downsizing of kitchen space and equipment, leading to much simpler cooking and eating. By simple, I do not mean cheap (in price or processing techniques) or tasteless, I mean back to basics – using real food (which has always been my mission) with less elaborate techniques and cookware (for more on this theory, please read An Everlasting Meal by Tamar Adler). And what is cooking if it can’t be applied to everyone – transcending economic, social, and cultural boundaries? And, because food is such a universal concept, so should our implementation of such skills.

So, for those of you who thought this blog was done (and I was in that category as well for a while), fear not. I am here.

with love,

from Jess’ (tiny) kitchen


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