Everything we need

I cannot emphasize enough how much I love living in the airstream.

The other week, as I posted on facebook about the hard time I was having transitioning (and thus sitting in my car to avoid the hardship of life), friends came out of the woodwork to see if I was okay. While, at that point, I may have been having a hard time to see the good in what we are doing, I now appreciate almost everything about the airstream and love living here.

To be in a space that was designed around everything we need –  mostly eating, sleeping, reading, and writing – is startling at first, but becomes normal relatively quickly. I will not be exercising in my home anytime soon, but that’s what the great outdoors are for!

Space is limited here and, therefore, I can’t just be toting all my fancy-shmancy cookware into a tiny little home. So, fear not for those who are currently thinking, “I bought them expensive things for their wedding and now it’s GONE!” Nope – it’s just in a storage unit down the street to be used when needed and returned thereafter (especially that food processor and kitchenaid!). If you’re wondering what made the cut for what lives permanently in our home, and may be thinking about downsizing your own accumulation of kitchen equipment, here’s a list of what we found we need.

1. Camp stove – this is where 99.9% of our hot meals come from.

2. 10” cast iron griddle. I’d say about 80% of our meals are cooked on this – veggies are easily sautéed and eggs, quesadillas, and stir frys are also perfect on this pan.

3. 12” deep dish cast iron skillet – for our bigger/more liquid-ey meals that would otherwise spill over the edges of the griddle

4. 2 qt sauce pot – used primarily for boiling water in the morning for some coffee!

5. 4 qt soup pot – for soups.

6. Crock pot. The other 0.1% of our hot meals. Before moving into the airstream I (shamefully) only used this device maybe 3-4 times. We don’t eat much meat and I didn’t understand how it worked at altitude, so I saved it for making fruit butters and that’s pretty much it. However, when we moved into a nonfunctional home 4 weeks ago, it was a God-send to have a device containing it’s own heat source. So the crock pot stays!

7. Assortment of knives. I must have my knives. Seriously, sometimes I come home from work stressed out, wishing I lived in a normal space and having sharp knives that do exactly what you need them to do (ahem- cut vegetables properly and quick), can relieve all of that. We will most likely pare this down to 2-3 soon, but all are in the knife block currently.

8. Immersion blender. I know this a bit of a random one, but it’s fall and there are many soups being eaten here.

9. Cutting board. Duh.

10. French press. Duh.

11. Cooking utensils – wooden spoon and spatula. I know, it’s crazy to think that for the 4 different sized wooden spoons, rubber spatulas, normal spatulas, and other assortment of utensils that I’m down to just 2, but, really, they serve all of our needs.

And then there’s a random assortment of silverware and dishes (coffee mugs, bowls, etc).

I’m finding that I didn’t need 10 different size pots and pans and that 10 complete sets of dishes aren’t necessary for the daily functionings of 2 people. It’s refreshing to know we have exactly what we need when we need it.

with love,

from Jess’ kitchen


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