What do you do?

It usually comes about while at a party or meeting new people for the first time. After you’ve said your hellos and how are you doings and you want to get to know the person a bit more.

‘So, what do you do?’

It’s the question that everyone hates to answer, (I find) is really awkward to ask, and ultimately ends up defining your ‘career’ as who you are. Culturally speaking, there are few other phrases that get the point across – you just want to learn more about the person – but has come to mean ‘where do you spend 8 hours of your day?’ or (not so subtly) ‘where does your paycheck come from?’

I’ve tried rephrasing it as ‘what do you do for fun?’ or ‘what are you interested in’ – but my (super awkward) personality just isn’t able to carry those phrases with the same fluidity as ‘what do you do’. I admit, I want to break the cycle, but end up continuing it.


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It’s been over a year since I’ve posted on here (sorry to anyone that’s been dying to read about my crazy life)… In all seriousness, I just couldn’t keep up with everything that happened!

When we left off, we were living in the airstream in the beauty of the fall!

And then winter happened, staying in the negatives for weeks..


And living in the airstream became a little bit difficult lacking water. Joda and I began to realize why mobile homes are most often seen in Arizona and warmer states…

Then, in April, we quit our jobs and headed to Alaska. I was curious of the world outside of traditional jobs and wanted to experience a different way of living. Yes, even more different than the airstream. So we put everything in storage and headed north!

photo 1

Our last days at the airstream

… Well, Joda headed north first to do some more serious backcountry expeditions while I visited with family and friends, backpacking and farming on the east coast.

Then we met up in Alaska in May to do some more mild exploring (kayaking out of Homer, exploring in Talkeetna) together and began work in Wrangell-St. Elias National Park in June.

photo 5


photo 3

Kayaking Kachemak Bay

photo 2

Beautiful dumpsters in Seward, AK

photo 4

The first of many moose we got to see!

We met amazing people, lived (practically) outside, and took advantage of all that Alaska had to offer!

Right before returned back to the states in October, I got an amazing offer from a friend to start up a café just north of Fort Collins, Colorado. I did weeks of research, business plan writing, and networking only to realize that it probably isn’t a good idea to start a café when you’re flat broke. So, I’m back on the job hunt. We’re back in the central mountains of Colorado. The past year has given me so much insight to business and happiness and work that I think I can make it happen again. And save up enough money until the next adventure comes along!