Back to basics

I’ve had a lot of stumbles these past couple of weeks. Whether it was exploding a glass pie dish in the oven (pumpkin pie ruined), individual cookies that turn into a whole sheet pan worth of cookies (still delicious, though), crying a little bit too much (sometimes we all just need a good cry), or not getting the job that I thought I wanted (I didn’t really want it), I feel like 2014 has been a lot of stumbling and fumbling to figure out what it is exactly I’m doing.

Especially as a ‘professional’, I feel like we are defined daily by what we do (see last post), but now I get to do the defining, which is a bit more scary and nerve-wrecking because I have no one to blame but myself (oh right, and I need an income). So, it’s a daily process of defining what I want to do and trying to make a living out of it. It’s coming along slowly but surely, and this blog is definitely part of it. Luckily, if one day doesn’t go as planned, I get to wake up again and start anew.


the view from home

So I wanted to post some recipes – as that is what I was working on previously here before I entered life-crisis mode. And, seeing as some of my more adventurous items haven’t turned out as successfully (see above), I’ve gone way back to basics in hopes of building myself up from the bottom.

I made a batch of this amazing pizza dough (our first thought upon tasting this was – Jersey pizza!) and froze a bunch too!

Made buttery biscuits from here.

And have been mastering the art of, what I call, butter eggs. These are seriously the best way to eat scrambled eggs. I just stopped caring about the butter content because they’re awesome. And sometimes I add garlic and spinach so I get some nutrients, too.

photo 2

Butter Eggs (for 2)

4 eggs

1/2 T Butter + some for greasing the pan

Grease pan lightly with butter. Saute veggies if that’s what you’re into. Scramble the 4 eggs in a separate bowl and add to heated skillet and veggies. Once the eggs are just about cooked (to whatever your desired consistency is), add 1/3-1/2 T of butter and mix into eggs. Finish cooking, season with salt and pepper. Never eat scrambled eggs another way again.

And when life is getting a little crazy, just remember how easy and delicious it is to make scrambled eggs.

With love,



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