about jess

This is me, Jess. I’m definitely not one to be tied to my cell phone (as this picture portrays), but this was after consuming one of the best meals of my life in Chios, Greece – and most likely emailing home about it! Chios is a small Greek island closer to mainland Turkey than mainland Greece that my husband and I recently visited on our honeymoon. We came in after wandering around and being disappointed by the beaches and in need of a new game plan. Being that it was noon, no one was in the cafe but us and two old Greek men picking oregano off of the bushel. Though the three large bushels presented a daunting task, they were having the time of their lives and you just knew, these men love preparing delicious food for the guests that wander through their door. We had a meal of stuffed tomatoes, baked feta, and fried zucchini. The baked feta was a dish I almost died eating it was so delicious. And, while my husband and I try to recreate it every once in a while, it will only exist in it’s fullness in our memories.

Other than that, I am a fortunate resident of the beautiful Rocky Mountains in Colorado. I have a true passion for all things food and spend about 85% of my waking hours thinking about it. I love bread, pastas, and properly made pizza (being originally from New Jersey). I grew up eating like a boy (because I was raised with 3 of them), inspiring my career path of nutrition to reverse the impending doom of obesity. However, it isn’t the nutrients that I’m currently drawn to, it’s the food. It’s the social and emotional aspects that accompany food and how it can sustain us but at the same time destroy us. It’s the reason we eat pizza instead of salad, bacon instead of broccoli. Food is powerful.

That being said, this blog is a way for me to explore this world of food – to taste, create, and sometimes fail, but learn through the journey. I aim to be more thoughtful with life and food and adequately depict the web that food can create through people and life. So join me on this journey – it’s sure to be a bumpy one!


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