Back to basics

I’ve had a lot of stumbles these past couple of weeks. Whether it was exploding a glass pie dish in the oven (pumpkin pie ruined), individual cookies that turn into a whole sheet pan worth of cookies (still delicious, though), crying a little bit too much (sometimes we all just need a good cry), or not getting the job that I thought I wanted (I didn’t really want it), I feel like 2014 has been a lot of stumbling and fumbling to figure out what it is exactly I’m doing.

Especially as a ‘professional’, I feel like we are defined daily by what we do (see last post), but now I get to do the defining, which is a bit more scary and nerve-wrecking because I have no one to blame but myself (oh right, and I need an income). So, it’s a daily process of defining what I want to do and trying to make a living out of it. It’s coming along slowly but surely, and this blog is definitely part of it. Luckily, if one day doesn’t go as planned, I get to wake up again and start anew.


the view from home

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the truth about winter

In hiking last weekend, my love for winter (and excitement for all things holiday-centered) really started to grow. My good friend Anne and I hiked her 25th 14er (mountain over 14,000 ft)!! While it was only my 13th, it’s always a good time to get into the mountains, away from everything civilized and remember why I live in the Rockies. The peak had only a few deep patches of snow, but they sparkled in their pristine, untouched state and got me antsy for thick sweaters, wool socks, fires, chili and soups, and all-things comfort.

While many of you may still be experiencing the crisp fall air and crunching leaves under your feet, Colorado is in official winter-mode. The beginning of October brought a couple of inches to the high country but this week we saw the skies open and dump some fresh powder over the majority of the state. Right in time for Steph to visit.

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