It’s Friday night and I (in true small town fashion) went for a long walk with Kale (my dog), did a bunch of dishes that piled up over the course of the week, and (surprisingly) made an intricate meal. After a long week of playing catch up, this was exactly the night and meal-therapy that I needed.

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Small steps

I feel like a food writer today- sipping coffee, eating french onion soup for breakfast, putting thoughts about life and food into words.

Saturday or Sunday (never both- one will always be reserved for running/snowboarding) is the only day I am able to capture the morning sun in my photos. Therefore, last night, I made a bold move. While I was reveling in the end of the work week, savoring leftover meatballs and red wine, indulging in fantasies over cookbooks, chefs, and inspirational stories, I abruptly decided to leave this world and do something about it. Yes, I think about food all day long – what recipes to try, what flavors go together – but without action these dreams stay stagnant. For too long, I had been thinking about this soup and needed to get it off my chest – my old roommate made it about a year ago and the memory has stayed with me since. I also had a ton of house cleaning to do, so I figured I could multitask. And I did. And I’m eating French Onion Soup for breakfast. And it’s damn good. All because of a small step to change the course of my day.

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it’s been a while

hello friends. it’s been days, weeks, and months and I’ve been absent.

this blog- a source of inspiration, frustration, and determination has remained blank as I’ve worked on my food issues. don’t worry, I’m still cooking and eating. Just doing a lot of thinking as well.

I have studied nutrition for 6 years. I work in community health. I know the ins and outs of most food items and the health consequences they present. But something about my love of taste and ingredients makes me forget these things as I enter the kitchen. I want to create food that is mostly delicious and happens to be healthy as well.

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it’s been that kind of day

Don’t get me wrong. I love Fridays. And I especially love my life right now. Work is going great – after 4 months of floating in the unknown realm of starting a new job, I finally feel like I have a purpose. For now, that is solely based on writing a grant that is due in a little over a week (EEK!), but I must forget about that now, because it’s the weekend.


I never thought I’d become that person that lived for weekends, wishing away the days of the week just to have 2 days of me (and Joda)-time, but it has come. I love just knowing that for 2 nights, I don’t have to wake up to sit at a desk all day and, if needed, I may sit on my couch and do nothing with no questions asked. Pure. Bliss. This may sound like complaining, but I’m just exhausted. So exhausted that I almost lost all motivation to make myself dinner (big red flag).

You see, my fridge and pantry are pretty bare- out of flour, pasta, eggs, vegetable broth (could be used for the arborio rice I have laying around), most vegetables, there are absolutely no snacks, and I even ran out of olive oil after making this. I’m headed to Denver for the next 2 days and the thought of buying food (let alone going to the grocery store) just to have it sit for the next two days is completely unappetizing. As if miraculously, I stumbled upon this recipe and thought I could muster up enough of the ingredients to make the pesto with some alterations. And, let me tell you, it’s exactly what I needed. This week has been such a whirlwind, the last thing I remember cooking was yesterday morning’s pancakes (if you can call that ‘cooking’) and not much else before… I just can’t remember this week. Luckily, I have an amazing husband and great friend who came to visit and took care of a lot of the cooking for me, but I think I got to a point today where I sincerely forgot how much I love it.

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and so we begin again.

I’m starting over. I started this blog under another name, under another website, but here is where I will stay. I love the concept of a blog and it is fueling my creative side! After stretching my technologically-challenged mind to understand wordpress, I am oh so happy with the design and am excited to start adding some content (and hopefully it will only get better!).

I was a bit disappointed when I accidentally deleted my other blog entries and information, but then I realized I have a whole new format to make them again (and better)! And I have a chance to really focus on my point. What is that? I want to make simple (but sometimes complicated), delicious foods. With ingredients that people can find in a small-town grocery store that won’t stretch them beyond their budget! Don’t get me wrong- I am enchanted by food. I love how there are so many varieties and how they can be combined to draw out different flavors and aromas. But I also believe that delicious food is for everyone and that is what I will be bringing to the table. Literally.

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