Living Simply, Part 2

I’m not quite sure how many parts to this series there will be, but I’m certainly learning more and more each day about simple living.

1. You will engage in long discussions with spouse about seemingly insignificant (but totally significant) items. For instance, yellow onions. I lost. We have none. Waiting until next grocery trip.

2. When forced, you can use up so many ingredients in the fridge and learn to forgo those that simply are not around. Thinking outside the box and letting go of ‘musts’ or recipe-fixations is necessary.

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it’s been a while

hello friends. it’s been days, weeks, and months and I’ve been absent.

this blog- a source of inspiration, frustration, and determination has remained blank as I’ve worked on my food issues. don’t worry, I’m still cooking and eating. Just doing a lot of thinking as well.

I have studied nutrition for 6 years. I work in community health. I know the ins and outs of most food items and the health consequences they present. But something about my love of taste and ingredients makes me forget these things as I enter the kitchen. I want to create food that is mostly delicious and happens to be healthy as well.

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