and so we begin again.

I’m starting over. I started this blog under another name, under another website, but here is where I will stay. I love the concept of a blog and it is fueling my creative side! After stretching my technologically-challenged mind to understand wordpress, I am oh so happy with the design and am excited to start adding some content (and hopefully it will only get better!).

I was a bit disappointed when I accidentally deleted my other blog entries and information, but then I realized I have a whole new format to make them again (and better)! And I have a chance to really focus on my point. What is that? I want to make simple (but sometimes complicated), delicious foods. With ingredients that people can find in a small-town grocery store that won’t stretch them beyond their budget! Don’t get me wrong- I am enchanted by food. I love how there are so many varieties and how they can be combined to draw out different flavors and aromas. But I also believe that delicious food is for everyone and that is what I will be bringing to the table. Literally.

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